Terms of Service

These are the Terms of Service ("ToS") for atvg.cc (the "Service"), provided by ATVG-Studios and Thomas Obernosterer (the "Provider").

Effect of the ToS

With 19th of September 2022 the Provider releases the following modified ToS to the Public.

Who do these ToS apply to?

These ToS do apply to every person, company or entity of any kind (an "Entity") using the Service either through its User-Interface or Application Programming Interface (API).

Once an Entity starts to use the Service, they become a user (the "Customer").

Changes in ToS

Any Customer using the Service is requrested to frequently check the ToS on their Publication Page and accept as well as adopt to changes.

The Provider is not responsible to inform the Customer of such changes.


  • ToS: Terms of Service
  • Provider: ATVG-Studios and Thomas Obernosterer
  • Service: the CarbonCutter software, including all features, provided at atvg.cc
  • Entity: person, company or entity of any kind
  • Customer: an Entity using the Service
  • Laws: local, national or international laws of the Customer, as well as the Laws of the European Union and the Austrian Republic.
  • Takedown: a method to report violations of the ToS to trigger actions of punishment performed by the Provider
  • URI: Uniform Resource Identifier or Uniform Resource Locator
  • Link: A shortened-URI created by the Service that redirects to a Customers URI.
  • Unwanted-Content: insulting, left-wing or far-right propaganda, illegal, hateful, discriminating, disrespectful, pornographic or any illegal content also including malicious or otherwise dangerous code, malicious commands or other dangerous shell exploits including Proof-of-Concepts.
  • Sign Definitions: § defines a Section; ¶ defines a Paragraph, paragraphs might be defined implicitly by numbering after a Section begins.

§1 fair use of our Service

  1. The Provider is providing the Service free of charge to any potential Customer.

  2. The Customer may not try to harm the Provider or any other Entity by using Spamming, DoS, DDoS or any other attack of any kind.

  3. The Customer may not misuse any functionality to gain profits for them and their associates or cause losses to the Provider or any other Entity, this is considered harming.

  4. The Customer must treat other Customers with respect.

§2 compliance to the laws

  1. The Provider requests that any Customer using the Service is in compliance to the Laws.

  2. The Provider considers a violation of any of these Laws as a breach of the ToS.

§3 user created content

  1. The Customer is able to create user content by submitting a URI. The content is created when the Customer receives a Link, created from their URI.

  2. The Customer must not enter a URI that references any kind of Unwanted-Content.

  3. The Provider holds the right to perform takedowns, as described in section 4 below, on all Unwanted-Content without further notice.

  4. The Provider may use automated systems to restrict to URIs.
    The restriction can be in the form of warning-labels or removal of the URI.

§4 takedowns

  1. The Provider is willing to listen to Customers and any Entity complaining about violations of the ToS in the form of a Takedown request.

  2. A Takedown is a form of punishment by the Provider in which any user created content or Account may be taken offline, changed or limited.

  3. The Customer may not create Takedown requests for no viable reasons.
    Viable reasons include, but are not limited to, violation of the ToS of the Service or violations against applicable Laws.

  4. Actions following a Takedown request are considered Permanent unless the creator of the punished creation is able to prove the Takedown was unjustified.

  5. The Provider is preserving the right to perform Takedowns by themselfs if a violation was noticed.

  6. A Customer may create a Takedown at any time using the following options:

§5 breach of ToS

  1. Upon breach of the ToS, the Customer is no longer allowed to use the Service and is no longer considered a Customer.

  2. The Provider may remove all user created content from the Service after a breach of the ToS by a Customer.